is this rp still going

We are hoping to be up and running again soon. Summer has been busy for a lot of us, OOC.

Attention players!

I know by now it’s pretty office this place has become a ghost town. Recent departures have left things I bit uncertain including the loss of one of the mod team. 

Some of us still want to see this place thrive, but we’re going to need our whole team here on board for that to be possible! So I’m asking for some help here. If you are part of this rp and still would like to be, please let us know. It can be through PM or email. If you’d like to give up your place, also let us know. 

I will give you guys until Saturday June 22nd to decide to stay or not. No worries either way. If we haven’t heard from all of you by then, I will contact those I haven’t heard from and give them 3 days to reply yes or no.

I miss what this place was, and once we have a headcount of who all is still on board and willing to see it through, we’ll start to discuss ways to bring Bat Tumblr back to life.

Thanks everyone!!


Ya this place is dead.

Cool story, bro.

We are working on it. Please realize that we all have lives outside of the rp and sometimes there are times when we need to focus on that. 

So you guys look pretty dead to me.

Thank you for your concern! : ) Actually, a lot of our members are just very busy at this time, moderators included. It is a busy time of year and of course, life offline comes first. But I assure you we are not dead. I’m sure we will all be jumping back into the swing of things soon!


Are you accepting a Wonder Woman by any chance?

If you’d like to apply for Wonder Woman, send us an app! I think we’d had a few people request seeing Diana around!


You have people who haven't posted in months that still have taken characters. Any plans to do an activity sweep?

Unfortunately, we mods all have had offline responsibilities to deal with lately, and so we’ve fallen behind in activity checks. We have noticed that some of our players haven’t been around recently, while others have actually resigned- so we do need to update the pages. But not to fret! We will get on that as soon as we can.

Thanks for your concern! Hope you stick around to see what happens!

- Lara

Who all is still active around here?

I assure you as a group we are all still active. Though as with all things, we tend to slow down due to real life being in the way. We are cooking up some stuff to kick start activity, so if you’re looking to join don’t hesitate. And if you’re just a follower, we thank you for sticking with us during our slow period. If you’re a player in this group, you can help activity by approaching players to play with you. Activity and conversation is a two way street so please, please chat with each other! You might make a great friend. I know I’ve made a few here!


((Couldn't find a set birthday for Kate, so I've decided to list it as May 7. Thanks.))

Sounds good! I’ll add it asap!


Quite the spiffy layout. Give my praise to the creator!

All hail the wonderful and fantastic eliestarr!



attn; followers, we’re rolling out the new look!

The Batcave is pleased to show off it’s fancy new everything! It was about time, y’know? Everything’s been cleaned up and revamped to wow, ladies and gents!

  • Mostly notably, we have a brand new, shiny taken page, showcasing all the talent this group is packing! of which steph is super proud
  • In addition, the wanted page has been cleaned up, so if you’re looking to apply, head there first!
  • The rules/faq section; neat and tidy for your reading pleasure.
  • We have a handy dandy links page, for affiliates, tags of interest, what have you.
  • And finally, all you need to know about applying is right here. Which is exactly where it was before, but now it’s just…niftier!

The cave’s never too crowded, so swing by for a visit or stay awhile.

- elie