• Bette Kane/Flamebird (Requested by our Kate Kane/Batwoman)
  • Kate Spencer/Manhunter (Requested by our Huntress)
  • David Zamvimbi/Batwing (Requested by our Barbara Gordon/Oracle)
  • Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  • Poison Ivy (Requested by our Harley Quinn)
  • Kara Kent/Supergirl (Requested by our Stephanie Brown/Batgirl)
  • Clark Kent/Superman (Requested by our Bruce Wayne/Batman)
  • Carrie Kelley/Robin (Requested by our Terry Mcginnis/Future Batman)
  • Princess Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman (Requested by our Bruce Wayne/Batman)

The Batcave is currently searching for someone to fill the spots above and others!

If interested in these roles, or any others, such as members of the Rogues Gallery and close friends and family to the Bats found here, please fill out the application here and send it in to welcometoourbatcave@gmail.com

We’d love to have you!


The Mods <3